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Letting Property Made Easy in Simple Steps

We at Hythe and Waterside Lettings are specialists in the Residential Lettings Industry and take pride in our reputation for providing a professional and personal service to our Landlords. Our Directors and principal staff have over 30 years extensive experience and qualifications in this highly specialised and increasingly complex market. We deal with all types of property across the Waterside area on behalf of many landlords, including portfolio investors and Companies. When you rent a house or flat with Hythe & Waterside Lettings, you are investing in peace of mind, which comes with knowing that you are using a Regulated Lettings Agency that adheres to a strict set of rules designed to protect Tenants and Landlords.

Visit a Hythe and Waterside Lettings Negotiator who can guide you through the process

Our contemporary office is situated in a prominent location next to Hythe Pier and is open 6 days a week. Arrange for Hythe and Waterside to visit the property to carry out a Rental Valuation. At point of valuation, Hythe and Waterside will discuss the rental price, legislation, tenancy agreements, notices, possessions, inventories, deposits, references and tenant suitability. Seek a second opinion from another Letting Agent, but make sure that you check their reputation, qualifications, experience, success rates, where they advertise, professionalism and make sure that they are pro-active and have good communication skills. Check their marketing tools and where they advertise because if your property is not advertised through the correct media channels, it will not let quickly. The rental price that the property is marketed for must be realistic and will reflect area, supply and demand, condition and rentability.

Instructing a Letting Agent

There is no such thing as ‘Sole Agency’ within the Lettings Industry. However, there is an Agreement with Terms and Conditions which the Landlord and Letting Agent will sign.

Marketing Tools

Apart from our own website, Hythe and Waterside advertise in The New Forest Post, Waterside Life, The Herald, Internet advertising on Rightmove and On the Market. We use eye catching digital photos on the internet and within our office window. Your property is matched with our computerised database of prospective registered Tenants. SMS Text alerts keep you informed of progress and our Mobile Application is easy and informative for all to use. We use Facebook and Twitter which are also important Social Media sites.

Accreditation + Insurance

Hythe and Waterside are members of regulated industry bodies; Association of Residential Letting Agents, The Ombudsman Scheme, Overseas Landlords Scheme and The Letting Specialist Solicitor Helpline. This means that our practices and client accounting systems are fully regulated and you and your property have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Hythe and Waterside take up insurances to further protect their landlords; Client Money Protection, Professional Indemnity Insurance and The Deposit Dispute Service.

Instruct Hythe and Waterside Lettings

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Preparing Your Home to Let

First Impressions really count. Look around every room in your house, your garden and your garage and make a note of any imperfections you might not normally see. Ask your Letting Agent for advice, spring clean, freshen paintwork in a neutral colour, de-clutter, eradicate smells, clean carpets, lighten rooms, update accessories where practical, keep the lawns mowed and paths and refuse areas tidy. Consider going out for viewings (if the property is still occupied), this gives the viewer time to have a good look without any pressure.

Strict Tenant Selection

After every accompanied viewing, you will receive feedback from your Lettings Agent as strict tenant selection is a must.

What happens after a Tenant has been secured with a Deposit?

Your Letting Agent will draw up the necessary administrations, apply for Employment References, Credit Checks and previous Landlord References.

The Landlords Obligations

Hythe and Waterside Lettings will liaise with the Landlord regarding the Gas Safety Check. You will require Electrical Testing, Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Precautions, the ‘EPC’ Energy Performance Certificate and the Landlords Rental Guarantee Insurance. We will also ensure there is a licence if the property is a HMO. The property needs working smoke alarms and CO2s if required.

The property must be Fit for Human Habitation. The 29 Housing Health and Safety Rating Systems are: Damp and mould growth; Excess cold; Excess heat; Asbestos and Manufactured Mineral Fibres; Biocides, Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products, Lead; Radiation; Uncombusted fuel gas; Volatile organic compounds; Crowding and space; Entry by intruders; Lighting; Noise; Domestic hygiene, pests and refuse; Food safety; Sanitation and drainage problems; Water supply; Fall associated with baths; Falls on level surfaces; Falls associated with stairs and ramps; Falls between levels; Electrical Hazards; Fire, Flames, hot surfaces and materials; Collision and entrapment; Explosions; ergonomics; Structural collapse and falling elements.

The Tenancy Agreement

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up and both Landlord and Tenant will receive a copy before it is signed.

Detailed Inventories

The Inventory is of paramount importance, it will be in-depth and will be used to check the property out when the tenant vacates.

Management of Your Property

Maintenance plays a big part in the letting of any rental property and our maintenance department are very pro-active on any issues and deal with them as they arise. We employ trustworthy, local and efficient contractors and we strive to keep prices low wherever possible, negotiating on your behalf.


Regular Inspections are really important as they give the Landlord peace of mind and reassurance that everything is ticking along nicely. Rent collection and invoicing via a computerised system with Industry recognised software is essential to make sure that your property can be let at the earliest opportunity and that your rent is credited to your account within 3 days of us receiving it. (Allowing for Weekends and Bank Holidays). Testing of smoke detectors, safe storage of keys, transfer of utilities, meter reading, annual auditing of client accounts and statements are also important services which are provided at Hythe and Waterside.


High Street Offices, overheads and associated staff wages and training costs GDPR Data Protection, Land Registry checks, Computer Security and Maintenance


Landlords Set Up of Rental

  • Advice from valuation, instruction through to letting and move in
  • Viewings, negotiations, referencing and credit checking
  • Set up of Landlords online ‘My Property’ portal, preparation of property details
  • Advertising on, Rightmove, On The Market, Waterside magazine, social media platforms, paper advertising in the Herald, bill boards, Southampton Boat Show, Hythe Pier Train, communication in person and by telephone
  • Company branding to raise awareness and help drive potential Tenants to your property at the earliest opportunity
  • Owner with over 50 Years of lettings experience and local knowledge
  • Arranging, creating and gathering of all legislative administration works
  • Gas & Electrical Certificates
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Energy Performance Certificates and associated works that this creates in bringing these regulation requirements to an acceptable standard
  • Transfer of Utilities
  • Set up and maintenance of Tenancy Deposit Scheme account
  • An extensive Inventory with photos and in-depth description
  • Tenancy Agreement and Notice
  • Landlords ‘Set Up Fee’ £525 plus VAT totalling £630.00

Monthly Management Fee

  • Monthly management 10%-14%+VAT (e.g. £500 per month rental would be between £50+VAT totalling £60.00 & £70+VAT totalling £84.00 inc. VAT respectively), depending on the length of contract that you are able to commit too

The monthly management fee covers the ongoing management of everything outlined in the Landlords set up fee above plus:

  • Agreement renewals and rent increase negotiations and advice
  • Tackling maintenance issues, liaising with the tenant, landlord, contractor, negotiating and instructing works
  • Emergency out of hours phone
  • Managing Contractors and keeping on top of all contractual certificate renewals, issuing notices where needed, keeping your property up to date with new legislation, collecting the rent and forwarding it onto the landlord, less expenses in speedy time (usually within 3-5 working days), chasing any late rent payment and keeping you in the loop, quarterly inspections upon which time we check CO2 and Smoke detectors are functioning, that the correct people are living in the property, check for pets that shouldn’t be at the property, for mould and condensation, issuing advice where necessary, that the house and gardens are being kept up and the property is being maintained in a good clean order
  • ‘My PropertyFile’ gives access (if you wish) to Landlords to their tenancy documents, progress of maintenance, inspection reports….  (Tenants have access to their documents and to report maintenance too)
  • Always keeping one step ahead of this ever-changing industry and evolving with it! `Providing peace of mind, advice and the benefit of over 40 years experience’
  • Please read our Trust Pilot and Google reviews and instruct Hythe & Waterside to manage your rental property with confidence

AWARDED ‘Best Estate & Letting Agent 2018’, & ‘BRITISH Property Awards, best Estate Agent in Hythe 2018’
Proud of our ‘Above & Beyond’ Service and excellent reviews which can be found at TRUSTPILOT & GOOGLE

‘Hythe and Waterside take a personal interest in our property, offer suggestions and also accept our suggestions on how to continue to improve the experience of guests renting the property. They give us feedback and accept and act on any feedback we give them. They take the stress out of being a landlord’

Other Charges

  • Managed Landlords Set up fee £525 plus VAT totalling £630.00
  • Tenancy Agreement Renewal £100.00 plus VAT totalling £120.00
  • End of Tenancy Inventory Checkout £180.00 plus VAT totalling £216.00
  • End of Year Rent Summary £75.00 plus VAT totalling £90.00
  • Transfer of File Fee £300.00 plus VAT totalling £360.00 i.e. Solicitor or other professional body
  • Serving Notice £100.00 plus VAT totalling £120.00
  • Court Attendance (in the unlikely event eg 2 times since 2002) £350.00 plus VAT per day totalling £420.00 per day
  • In the event that HWL is acting on behalf of the Landlord in dealing with deductions from the tenancy deposit, please be aware that if the Landlord wishes to stake a claim upon the tenancy deposit then they must do so to HWL within 10 working days of the end of the tenancy with supporting evidence. There is a fee for this service of £350.00 plus VAT totalling £420.00
  • Landlord aborting tenancy prior to occupation within 28 days £525.00 plus VAT totalling £630.00
  • Energy Performance Certificates are chargeable at £120 including VAT via Hythe and Waterside, we use Able Energy Assessors, a portion of this fee is a referral fee (£55.00); N.B. you are able to use other providers

Rent and Legal Protection is available via Hythe and Waterside, we offer this with Alan Boswell Group, Independent Insurance Brokers & Financial Planners through a Tenant Referencing Company called VOUCH, a portion of the fixed fee is a referral fee (£40.00-£50.00 of the fixed cost); you are able to use other providers

Please note that we NEVER spend your money without asking you first, or ask to spend an agreed amount of your money monthly, (unless there is a total emergency and we have not been able to get hold of you), we just try our very best on your behalf to keep your expenses as low as possible

HWL reserve the right to retain a 10% + VAT commission percentage from any works arranged which will be contained within the contractor’s invoice

We sell and maintain ‘Quality of Service’, our reputation is key

If you would like to discuss any elements of this fee structure or ask advice, please feel free to pop into our office next to Hythe Pier at the top of Hythe High Street, send an email to or call a member of our friendly team on 02380 845096 who are always willing to help

Recommend a Friend

Please note that if you ‘recommend a friend’ that lets/sells their property with Hythe & Waterside, you will receive £50+VAT totalling £60.00 upon completion of their rental/sale

NON MANAGED Landlords Set Up Fee

Includes the above ‘set up’ service (excluding ‘My PropertyFile’), but on the day of occupation the management of the rental is handed over to the landlord.  N.B. Not recommended unless you are an experienced landlord, our world is ever changing and so is tenant affordability and a mammoth of legislation.

  • Non Managed Landlords set up fee £900.00 plus VAT totalling £1080.00
  • Landlord aborting tenancy prior to occupation within 28 days £900.00 plus VAT totalling £1080.00
  • Registering the deposit with TDS £100.00 plus VAT totalling £120.00
  • Tenancy Agreement Renewal £100.00 plus VAT totalling £120.00
  • Inspections £35.00 plus VAT totalling £42.00

For any other individual service please ask for details of costs

Please note that if you ‘recommend a friend’ that lets/sells their property with Hythe & Waterside, you will receive £50+VAT totalling £60.00 upon completion of their rental/sale

AWARDED ‘Best Estate & Letting Agent 2018’, & ‘BRITISH Property Awards, best Estate Agent in Hythe 2018’
Proud of our ‘Above & Beyond’ Service and excellent reviews, which can be found at TRUSTPILOT & GOOGLE

NON MANAGED interim services for Landlords

N.B. – You don’t have to have let your property through Hythe & Waterside to take advantage of this service

Please call a member of our team for further advice and charges
Struggling with maintenance, want to make sure that your tenants are looking after your property and that it is in good repair?
Want to make sure that your tenants haven’t sub-let your property, that pets that haven’t been allowed on move in have not been moved in?

Need an unbiased opinion, short on time, feeling awkward about visiting your rental property? Instruct us to carry out an interim inspection

Need a new tenancy agreement and/or to negotiate an increase in rent, need to serve a notice?

Have an end of tenancy dispute, or need help instructing maintenance and obtaining certificates?

You might want to instruct us to collect the rent only?
If you would like us to carry out any of the above mentioned services, or any other interim service that we haven’t covered, please feel free to make an enquiry and we will do our best to assist.

Recommend a Friend

Please note that if you `recommend a friend’ that lets/sells their property with Hythe & Waterside, you will receive £50+VAT totalling £60.00 upon completion of their rental/sale

Data Protection Act 2017 & May 2018

If you have entered into a contract with Hythe and Waterside, i.e. (Landlords Instruction Form, Terms and Conditions or a Tenancy Agreement), H&W will need to collect, use, store and with your permission share some personal data details on computer and in paper files, (the data gathered from your application form, rental payment transactions and general rental history). Please check that you have consent to give us third party details.

Data will be stored before, during and after the last day of any contract that has been entered into expires, for a period of 7 years from the last day of occupation, HM Customs & Excise & Inland Revenue departments require all businesses to keep records for 7 years. Should you wish to have a copy of the data stored you may request to do so, you will receive data via a USB within 28 days of requesting it, there is a small fee of £7.00 inc. VAT for this service. After 7 years has lapsed Hythe & Waterside will delete your data automatically, however you may request in writing that your data to be deleted.

Hythe and Waterside will not use any of your details in their marketing without your prior written consent, they may use any review data gathered via review sites, when creating your review you will have given your consent for the review to be used, stored, shared, furthermore we will make sure that any associated third party businesses have a data protection policy in place before giving your details to them ie solicitors, contractors, utility companies, mortgage brokers………. Landlords will be given your details as part of the rental process within your tenancy agreement. Periodically you may be asked if you are still happy to receive newsletters, property details, relative information regarding lettings, to communicate via email, text, phone, in writing via the post….. It’s very important that you continue to give your authority if you wish to be kept informed of any industry changes and it will enable Hythe and Waterside to continue to communicate with you at all stages during your tenancy.

AWARDED ‘Best Estate & Letting Agent 2018’, & ‘BRITISH Property Awards, best Estate Agent in Hythe 2018’
Proud of our ‘Above & Beyond’ Service and excellent reviews, which can be found at TRUSTPILOT & GOOGLE

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